Backing up – an automatic solution

Currently working on a personal project which involves Adobe Flex and Lotus Notes and I have become slightly paranoid with regards to backing up my source files.

I have to admit I can be a little slap dash with backing up my data so I needed something to do this automatically and ideally in real time – rather than a scheduled backup.

The solution I came up was to use a combination of Drop Box and the Link Shell Extension.


Drop Box is a free (max 2Gb – paid accounts available) cloud based synch tool.  You install a small utility which adds a folder to your operating system.  Anything placed in that folder is automatically synched to the Drop Box servers, it evens stores previous versions.

Drop Boxes main limitation is you can only synch one folder, in my case I wanted to synch my Flex Project folder and the Notes Database.  As a Windows user the way around this is to use Symbolic Links (symlinks).  Similar to a shortcut but these links provide a direct access to the linked document.  Installing the Link Shell Extension makes it easy to create one of these symlinks.

After installing the extension you right click on the source folder and select Pick Link Source and then navigate to the Drop Box folder and then right click and select Drop As Symbolic Link.

I did this for both directories I wanted to backup.