Blog Tag – Stickfight has thrown down the gauntlet (well fingerless glove)

Boxing gloves As part of our preparation for polishing our Adobe Flex skills Mark Myers has suggested a Blog Tag – where we set each other an Adobe Flex technical challenge in which we have 2 weeks to write a blog explaining how to solve it.

Here is my first challenge to Mark.

Your challenge is to create a custom component which has no external dependencies i.e. a black box which utilises the inbuilt internationalisation features of Adobe Flex to display popup help in the users currently selected language.  The popup help should have a close button and a more info button both of which should dispatch appropriate events – you do not need to handle the additional info action in the component.

The popup help should be suitable styled and positioned either at the calling event (mouse click) or in a fixed position (maybe configurable – top, middle, left etc)

Ideally though the component will utilise the inbuilt internationalisation features of flex it should be possible to swap out this approach to use an alternative source / method for the content without having to change the core code.

Good luck Mr Myers!

If anyone else wants to get involved just drop us a note – its a good way to learn new stuff and build content in your blogs.