Camera Trap

51u0EBI4ChL.<em>SL500</em>For Christmas this year I brought my wife a camera trap to help find out what animals visit the garden at night.  The camera trap is a nifty bit of kit which consists of a digital camera, a PIR and lots of IR LEDs – similar to the one pictured here.

The camera can take stills or videos and so far seems to be working well except for the IR illumination being a bit strong – just means you have to position it a bit further back than you think.

So far I have put out a little bit of meat as we are hoping to capture badgers (don’t tell the local farmer) but these are the results so far – 2 cats, 1 mouse and 1 bird Winking smile .

Ah well maybe I will catch the infamous wild cat of the North Cambridgeshire fens.

PICT0605 PICT0130 PICT0018 PICT0042

The other animals we have caught have been on the front facing security camera:

Small deer
  And something which doesn’t go well with my Chickens.