HTC Desire Good – Vodafone Bad

I have an iPhone 3G with O2 and decided it was time to try something a little more open as my contract was up.

I decided to settle on the HTC Desire which gets good reviews and go with Vodafone as they offer a Pico cell (Sure Signal) – living in the sticks we don’t get a great mobile signal so thought it would be a good investment.

I picked up the phone yesterday and my O2 sim was still active as the number hadn’t ported yet.  I manually added the APN for O2 and bang we were off.  It was so fast!

The phone rocketed through the apps and the data speed was so fast – I was on a client site in central London  – right next to the Lloyds building.  It appeared the phone was running on the HSDPA network – something never seen on an iPhone.

Today my Vodafone sim became active and it all goes down hill.  I now get edge where I had HSDPA and worse I just had a call drop while sitting at a window looking at the Gherkin.

The ironic thing is I brought a Pico cell because I don’t get a great signal in the sticks but it appears with Vodafone you don’t get one in central London either.

This brings up an interesting question about the O2 network, when on the iPhone I rarely got a 3G signal and when I did it didn’t seem to make much difference but on the HTC Desire it was great.

So looks like the phone & contract are going back and I will get an O2 1 month sim and stick with the iPhone for now.