ILOG Elixir – v3 Beta now available

ILOG Elixir

The next version of the excellent interface components produced by ILOG, now owned by IBM, for Adobe Flex is available as a Beta here.

You can tell its now an IBM product as the name has gone from ILOG Elixir to IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise 3.0 ;-)


  • Supports Flex SDK 4.0 & Flash Builder 4.0
  • New: Diagram services for custom display creation as flowcharts, network topologies, process modelers etc. (Spark)
  • New: Timeline components (Spark)
  • Improved: Gantt charts for planning and scheduling services (MX, FXG custom item renderers)
  • Rewrite of the gauges and map components under the Flex 4 Spark architecture (also delivered as Flex 4 MX components)
  • Numerous improvements on existing IBM ILOG Elixir components (organization charts, maps, calendar, pivot charts)
  • New: screen reader support for most components
  • Improved: keyboard navigation support
  • Improved: Flash builder integration with new wizards for creating custom gauges and Elixir libraries import in your projects
  • Leverages Flash Player 10 for better performances
  • Part of IBM Passport Advantage program, means product commitment for minimum 8 years.
  • New packaging: Elixir Enterprise extends Elixir with Diagram and Gantt modules.