Loving XPages101 Training Videos

Got to say very impressed with Matts Xpages Training Videos.

I have been putting off learning XPages because I wanted to concentrate on Adobe Flex and I haven’t been that happy with the training resources that have been available for XPages.  As a contractor my limited down time to learn new stuff means I need quality concentrated material.

I am at the early stages but I do have a production product to build so that helps ;-)

My biggest fear with X Pages is the concept of auto generated code – the drag this to the page and it just works kind of thing.  Reminds too much of the time we just used Domino generated views and realised we had to handcraft the lot.  As long as any auto generated code implementation doesn’t constrain you or force you to go around the houses to override it then its fine.

Still some great minds think X Pages are the bees knees so I am going into with an open mind as much as possible.