Perforce & Designer 8.5 - Anyone done it?

Let me start by saying I know the best version control software for Notes is Teamstudio’s CIAO, but in a large corporate environment there tends to be a standard for software version control.

Now if your like me and you want to try and encourage senior management to view Lotus Notes development as part of the Enterprise (rather than an oddball tactical development solution – not my opinion) then we need to play ball with these other Enterprise tools.

We had a demo yesterday of the 8.5 Designer from IBM – well a presentation and I posed the question about using Perforce within the Designer client. The reply was – “what’s Perforce?“.

Ok – note to IBM, if your pushing the benefits of moving to an Eclipse client and your talking to an Enterprise client, push the non Notes Enterprise advantages as well. Because believe me we need as much ammunition you can give us.

I also wanted to point out that it wasn’t a great argument to state that now we have the same IDE as Java developers they also would be encouraged to take up Notes development.  A better argument would have been to state that the Designer IDE has moved to an Enterprise standard.

To be fair it was a presentation to Domino Developers so the focus and probably the expectation of the presenter was different.

So the question was – anyone using Perforce integration with the 8.5 Designer client?