Website performance monitoring

Whilst trying to determine if this blog was performing badly (or not) I came across this great site –

Its free to use and will provide a graphical representation of the availability of servers and the responsiveness of webpages.

I configured it to monitor this domain, another domain hosted with the same provider and the same virtual machine which is also a WordPress blog but not using a cache plug-in – who’s a friend of mine and then for comparison I added Jerrys site which is a Domino blog hosted by

Here’s the results for yesterday (22nd February 2009):

Performance graph for http://www.datatribesoftwerks.comPerformance graph for


Performance Graph for http://markbingley.comPerformance Graph for


Performance Graph for http://markbarton.comPerformance Graph for


As you can see having a Cache plug-in for WordPress is definitely a requirement ;-) 

I am not sure the Graphs tell the whole story, when I navigate Jerrys site it seems allot more sprightly compared to this site so YMMV.